Thursday, 20 August 2015

Students Management Portal (SMP)



This portal called students Management Portal is designed for entrepreneurs who have kindergarten, primary and secondary group of schools owners.

Its capacity covers management of pupils from the kindergarten and primary sections, down to the students in the secondary sections. Among other great features of this portal includes:
  • An online printable profile for school children and online profiles for all teachers.
  • Results platform where each pupil or student can actually view his or her results online and print if he or she wishes.
  • Teachers of the different classes and sections can upload results to the results platform. The results to be uploaded must have been approved by the school management and teacher, authorized to do so. This should be at the end of term when scores have been collated for the different subjects.
  • School Fees Payment online via ATM Visa and Master Cards (Digital Payment System)
  • More can be seen or viewed by visiting a demo of the portal via: and downloading its manual ( for SMP.pdf ) to gain access to the online credentials for the demo copy.

We have our duties on the portal which include the administrative duties (which includes adding of teachers and students as authorized by the school). The manual we shall send after the payment contains the online credential of the pupils/students, teachers and online admin; just in case the school wishes or has the personnel to do handle the administrative roles on the portal.

Other duties include:   updating of the database for every new term and anytime the school wishes, preventing hackers from hacking into the portal.

Our charge is also tailored to suit your budgets as you are in to say a final goodbye to spending on result sheets and papers. Payment should be made online by all and invoice printed from your mail box. This medium would also help us with schools we cannot reach immediately, physically; thanks to technology for making the world a global village.

You can view management of SMP from our Products page. Make your orders for management services of AWNET for your SMP and we shall contact you to confirm order.